FIWARE Project Badges

This document is a recommendation on the usage of badges in FIWARE Projects. Badges are small graphical labels which provide a visual aid to understand different aspects about a project. Badges can be easily generated by using Where already offers a badge it should be used in preference to other badges.

This recommendation describes two kind of guidelines for badges: MUST (mandatory), SHOULD(desirable) and MAY (optional).

GitHub repositories MUST include the following badges at the very beginning of the document:

  • - FIWARE Chapter (Link to ) Example: - the full link includes the logo.
  •  - License - (Link to the OSS License under the component is offered) Example: Example:
  •  - Docker (pointer to the Docker container at the Docker Hub Repository) Example:
  • Optional Support badges (e.g. Stack Overflow) - see below
  • A new line character <br/>
  •  - Documentation (pointer to the documentation on readthedocs corresponding to the branch) Example:
  •  - GE Status - to show active support for a repository Example:

  • Training - Training - to show actively maintained academy materials. Example:$.courses&colorB=brightgreen

GitHub repositories SHOULD list either of the following support badges at the beginning of the document (where relevant):

  •  - Stack Overflow tag (pointer to the Stack Overflow support channel) Example:
  •  - Support (pointer to the support channel, askbot, which can be used to get support if Stack Overflow is not used)

or alternatively include links to other relevant support channels.

GitHub repositories SHOULD include additional badges to display the commitment of the maintainers to high code standards - the following badges are suggested (others may also be suitable):

  •  - Travis-CI or equivalent CI Build (pointer to the tests being run) Example:
  • - Coveralls or equivalent Coverage tools Example:
  • - Sync or equivalent security tools for known vulnerabilities Example:

The repository's badges, where present, MUST appear in the following order:

  • FIWARE Chapter
  • License
  • Docker
  • Stack Overflow (if provided)
  • Other Support Channels (if provided)
  • <br/> - new line character
  • Documentation
  • Build Status
  • Coverage
  • Vulnerabilities
  • GE Status
  • Training Courses

The idea being that the first row of badges is informational, the second row displays the state of the project. The second row of badges should ideally all be GREEN at all times.

GitHub repositories MAY include, among others, badges for:

  • Information about mandatory runtimes and versions to run the project (node, npm, python, pypi, etc.)
  • Any badge relevant specifically for the project.

Should you have any doubt please check and its raw content.

If a project's documentation uses the standard FIWARE CSS, the repository's docs/ - being the opening page of the documentation, it MUST contain equivalent a linked FIWARE Chapter badge (with a link to ), and SHOULD contain a Support badge (with a link to the support channel)

FIWARE Chapter Colors and Badges


The following standard FIWARE Colors and badges and ReadtheDocs CSS SHOULD be used the various types of documentation produced

  • #000000 - Black. - Non Chapter specific documentation
  • #233c68 - Midnight Blue - Core Context Chapter
  • #51b6a3 - Elm (Dark Cyan) - Publication /Monetizisation
  • #45d3dd - Cyan. - IoT Agents/ Robots / Third Party Systems
  • #ff7059 - Red - Security / API Management
  • #88a1ce - Steel - Processing/Visualization/Analysis Chapter
  • #4f3495 - Purple - Media Streams

The following colors are reserved for future use:

  • #99cd74 - Green
  • #785356 - Chocolate
  • #ff68a5 - Pink

Each Document that needs to be published in the FIWARE CSS style MUST use the following CSS styles:

  • fiware_readthedocs.css - Black. - Non Chapter specific documentation
  • fiware_readthedocs_core.css - Midnight Blue - Core Context
  • fiware_readthedocs_publication.css - Elm (Dark Cyan) - Publication /Monetizisation
  • fiware_readthedocs_iot.css - Cyan. - IoT Agents/ Robots / Third Party Systems
  • fiware_readthedocs_security.css - Red - Security / API Management
  • fiware_readthedocs_processing.css - Steel - Processing/Visualization/Analysis Chapter
  • fiware_readthedocs_media_streams.css - Purple - Media Streams