Training Course Guidelines

As a FIWARE Generic Enabler matures, the documentation surrounding the component should also be fleshed out. The Read the Docs User Guide and Installation Guide should not be over-expanded with too much extra material, instead additional supplementary documentation should be created and maintained to allow new users to become familiar with all aspects of the component.

Tour Guide

The Tour Guide entry for a FIWARE Generic Enabler is complementary to the quick start in the User Guide. It contains essential background information and key concepts along with a few common HTTP calls illustrating how to use the component. To avoid bloat, it does not include set-up material or docker-compose files, the assumption should be that an installed component already exists and has been started.

The Tour Guide entry is aimed at decision makers who are weighing up which context data-based framework they are wanting to use.


Tutorials are a step-by-step series of API calls integrating a FIWARE Generic Enabler into a stereotypical FIWARE-based scenario. The current set of tutorials are based on a Smart Supermarket environment. These are suitable for developers who learn by doing, as the goal of each tutorial will be to add a single new feature to the existing Smart Supermarket app.

A tutorial should consist of:

  • Postman Collection.
  • docker-compose.
  • Bash script for initialization.

Only a single new Enabler should be introduced in each tutorial. Simple components may only need a single standalone tutorial, but more complex components should introduce the basic concepts of the component first and then subsequent tutorials can build on the previous ones. For example IoT Agents tutorials starts with a tutorial on Ultralight sensors before introducing the IoT Agent for Ultralight itself and then adding in an MQTT broker.

The tutorials are aimed at developers who are learning about a new Generic Enabler and where it fits within the FIWARE Ecosystem.


Academy courses consist of short (5-10 minute) videos and slide presentations (with or without audio). These courses are suitable for developers who prefer to learn by watching and are very useful for an overview of GUI-based components.

Typically video presentations should be hosted on and slide presentations on The downloadable sources for presentations with audio are currently found on the FIWARE Academy.

In all cases links to each of the Academy courses should be listed and maintained in the of the GitHub repository of the Enabler itself. It is essential that out-of-date materials are regularly removed from the list.

Other "Deep Dive" Presentations

Since attention spans are limited, presentations longer than about 10 minutes are less suitable as introductory learning materials. Longer, deep-dive presentations such as those presented during FIWARE Summits should be listed separately in the, since the audience will typically be more advanced - i.e. returning users rather than new users.

In summary, Academy courses are aimed at new developers who are interested in learning about a Generic Enabler in isolation, and deep-dive presentations are aimed at existing developers who are interested in expanding their knowledge.