Configuring webhook in a FIWARE GitHub repository

According to the mission statement of the FIWARE Foundation, the foundation promotes FIWARE related assets across several locations, such as, Read the Docs and GitHub.

To keep the message on GitHub focused, the FIWARE Foundation restricts the main account to assets (such as Data Models, Specifications and Tutorials) owned by the FIWARE Foundation itself. For the FIWARE Generic Enablers, mirror copies of the source code are hosted under a separate account in order to maintain infrastructure, QA and statistics. Creating a mirror for each repository is required as part of the incubation process.

In order to connect your repository with the mirror a webhook is configured. You simply have to follow these steps:

  • In your repository page, click Settings.

  • Once you are in the Settings page, click on Webhooks menu and then in the button Add webhook.

  • Fill in the form:

    • Payload URL -
    • Content type - application/json.
    • SSL verification - Enable SSL verification.
    • Events - Send me everything.

  • Open webhook.

  • Check status code and reply.